Tweezers Tick Pet for animals




Quick Overview

Highly-precise tick tweezers made from rust-proof stainless steel withspoon shapedspherical tips.


The Rubis Tick Pet should definitely become a part of your pet’s medical essentials. Thanks to its spoon shaped spherical tips, ticks can easily be removed from your pet’s pelt. Note: Grab the tick as close to the animal’s skin as possible. Do not try to remove the tick by twisting. Simply pulling it out is the safest method.

We use only the highest quality acid-proof, anti-magnetic and rust-proof surgical steel. Thanks to these outstanding material characteristics, our tweezers retain their perfect functionality for many years.

We have been manufacturing tweezers for over 60 years in Switzerland. With experienced and skilled employees, many of whom have remained true to our company for many years. Exceptionally reliable and precise cosmetic tweezers are the result of a 45-step process that is very much in the tradition of Swiss precision mechanics. Made completely by hand - and, in a final step, again tested individually under a magnifying glass. Only tweezers that pass this test receive the seal of quality “Rubis. Made in Switzerland.”

For us, design is our promise that we do everything possible so that our products retain their convincing form and perfect function over many years. And since people recognize that we take this promise seriously, our tweezers and scissors have been honoured internationally with numerous renowned prizes for their outstanding design.

Additional Information

Model No
Design Edition No
Material Surgical steel
Color No
Surface treatment Sandblasted
Use Tick removal, Animals
Characteristics Acid-proof, Sterilizable, Rustproof